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Oh Baby.





I think this is my favorite unvention yet. So. Friggin. Cute.

The Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, with a few unventions of my own.

Yarn: Light green- Plymouth Galway Highland Heather 90 gms. Purpley- Knitpicks Telemark Mineral Heather 130 gms. Light beige- random worsted wool from a ravelled hat my grandmother made several decades ago.

Needles: US sz. 4 / 3.50 mm

Gauge: 20 sts over 4 inches / 5 spi

See the second generation “join-less and improved” version here on Ravelry.


Extension Pattern Instructions: note: you will still need EZ’s instructions.

At 158 sts work 22 ridges on the center 90 sts.

Split for legs – 44 sts each – leaving 2 center stitches for the crotch. Work 22 ridges for each leg.  Option: To make a join-less suit pick-up sts along the inside of the first leg, work the 2 crotch sts, then begin knitting the second leg.

Border: When legs are complete break wool (leaving live cuff stitches on a holder) and go back to the miter corner on the left belly – where you abandoned the row to start lengthening the body. If you start all the way at the neck you’ll have 2 rows of stockinette instead of perfect garter stitch.

There should be 34 live stitches from the neck edge to the miter corner. Those 34 sts have already been knit to begin the border row, so start picking up the rest of the border on the ridge below.

Option: for perfect garter stitch and a join-less suit: After working the second leg pick-up sts on outside of the leg and up to the right-hand neck edge, turn and begin working border.  On the next row – WS – you will need to pick up sts on the inside of the first leg you encounter, and the outside of the second leg you encounter, all the way up to the 34 abandoned miter stitches.  Because you will be picking up sts on both RS and WS, make sure you are happy with both.

Knit all live stitches and pick up stitches -one stitch per ridge- all the way around to the right neck edge. Place markers at cuff and crotch corners, there are 6 corners. This is one helluva lot of stitches. Stay calm.


Knit on, increasing 2 sts every second row at each marker. On your second ridge of border decrease the leg cuffs by *K2 K2tog K1 K2tog* across.  A perfect mirror to the sleeve cuff increases would be *K2 K2tog* across, however… the border adds so much width to the leg cuffs that the sharper decrease more closely resembles the sleeve cuffs.

After 3 ridges put in buttonholes all along one side from neck to leg cuff, and up the outside of the opposite leg. Work 3 more ridges. Bind off as directed. Sew on lots of buttons.

Option for a small infant:  Do not incorporate any buttonholes, sew in snap tape.

If desired: Add snowcuffs and bootees and hood in softer wool.


There you have it. Enjoy!


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