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Fun Stripe


Favorite scrap socks ever. I discovered this yarn combination when knitting my Mom’s pirate socks and I can’t get enough!   I’m loving the colors.

Specs: Started- recently (?) Finished- today.

Generic 64 st sock. Knitted on sz. 0 / 2mm dpns.

Yarn: Blue is Sunbeam St. Ives 4 ply sock wool, 80% wool 20% nylon.  Pink is SWTC Tofutsies #728. Leftovers from Mom’s pirate socks and my Jaywalkers. I started out with 100gms of each- this is the 3rd pair of socks and there’s still more yarn!!!  I was trying to finish it!  This would be a good reason to knit toe-up scrap socks but obviously I did not. Oh well, next time… it’s not like I’m going to stop knitting socks.

I do love these socks, and had a fun little photoshoot tonight but… on Monday they are headed to a new home across the country. Hope they fit!

Fishtrap update coming soon!


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Just for Fun

I did a 10k (6.2 miles) run this morning with my mother and a friend…. I’m tired.

The Great Columbia Crossing. Or the Bridge Run, as we locals call it. (that’s not the official event page, but it has the best pictures of the Bridge- even if you don’t like clicking links you should really go see the gorgeous pictures. And we live here! How lucky are we???)

The Bridge Run is something you can only do here, at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River. We start in Washington State, then run and run and run and run over the Columbia, admiring beautiful views… all the way back to Oregon. The bridge itself is over 4 miles long – and tall! It’s exhilarating to climb all the way above town then to swoop back down to finish— and a hot bowl of clam chowder at the end!

This event is the only time pedestrians are allowed on the bridge, so it’s not something just anyone can do just anytime… It was a blast. I love all the little conversations you strike up in progress- catching up with old neighbors and high school friends, chatting with total strangers as you pace each other up the hill, watching the same gung-ho 10 year old pass you then stop, gasping, then sprint past again, while we sensible old hands just jog steadily on and on.

It reminds me how much I love running. I can’t do it much because the cartiledge in my knees disintregrated through overuse. When I was 19 I was told to stop running now, before I lost all use of my knees. I did stop running and some cartiledge has re-grown, but not enough to run. And that’s just fine too, a good yearly dose of fantastic scenery and running comraderie (and sore knees) is enough.

I haven’t run since last year’s Bridge Run but something about the ballet is keeping me in shape- I ran about 4.5 miles before giving in to my screaming knees and walked the rest of the way in. I registered as a walker so I didn’t get an official time, but somewhere in the 1hr 10 minutes range. Not too shabby.

The weirdest thing was wearing “regular” cotton socks. When was the last time I did that???

I wish I had pictures for you!! The boys and I will have to go and get some of our own to share. In the meantime here’s what I worked on this weekend.


Fun socks for a special lady. Have a great week everyone!

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Full Circle

Perhaps it was the fatigue of two days of splitting wood, perhaps it was lack of a good meal, perhaps it was dehydration, perhaps it was hormone related… but whatever it was I had a really rough time at ballet tonight and ended up in tears by the end of class.

The last time that happened (when several pre-professionals joined our class and left me demoralized) I went out and bought cheerful yarn for cheerful socks because hey, even if I can’t dance well, I can knit better’n any of them (goddammit)!


It was childish, petty, vindictive knitting. Bet you didn’t realize that was possible!

Anyway, I was feeling pretty miserable as I dressed to go home when I noticed the socks I was pulling on. Yep, those self-same cheerful Jaywalkers.

I may not be able to dance, but I can knit (goddammit) !

And now that I can, again, laugh at myself, it’s time to knit more socks.

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Hello again, Blogland!

I’ve been both lazy and busy with real life with some knitting thrown in.

Like what? Something for my Gryffindor swap partner…

This is the first non-garter back and forth thing I’ve ever made. Partner, I hope you realize the sacrifice involved!

Then some washclothes a’ la Elizabeth Zimmermann to use up some scraps:

The one on the left is EZ’s  (February) double knitting pot handler from Knitter’s Almanac. The one on the right is 2 garter triangles I grafted together. I called these my technique towels- now I know the theory of double knitting and garter grafting.

Then there was planning and ordering yarn for my next [huge] project. Remember the twin Fishtraps I made this spring?  Their father now wants a matching sweater. This will be an adventure!

I’m going to do it as a seamless Saddle Shoulder to eliminate the steek and seaming.  With a base number of 268 I’m looking to minimize labor any way I can…  More EZ love, think I’ll ever get tired of it?   uh, no.

Then there were the last minute socks for my mother:

Just a generic cuff-down sock on 64 stitches with an adapted chart from HelloYarn‘s We Call Them Pirates. The yarn is Sunbeam St. Ives 4 ply sock and a bit of leftover Tofutsies for the skullys. US sz. 0 / 2mm needles. Gauge was 8 sts/in.
I offered to make Mom some socks for her first day of school (college at 51- go Mom!) and got a request for pirates. It seems I’ll never be finished knitting pirates!  I finished them up at 1 o’clock this morning. It should not have been hard to finish up a pair of ankle socks in 4 days but…

…I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest….  that will be it’s own post tomorrow.

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Here goes Gabriel…


Who chose..

Congratulations Deb! I’d never met Deb before this contest, but I’m glad I did and think she’ll be a fun knitter to watch and admire… talk about prolific!

And then Nikolai got his turn to choose…


And he picked…


Congratulations Merete! I first met Merete last winter over on Zimmermania and love her work. It’s all classy, beautiful, and expertly executed. She’s another prolific knitter… she recently completed 3 traditional Norwegian Lusekofte for her little muses.  I’d like to be Merete when I grow up.

I’ll email both of you for your yarn selection and mailing addresses.

Thank you all for entering my little contest and sharing your wonderful stories. I did some tallying about how we all got sucked into the Knitting Vortex.  The biggest factor?  LIFE.

Many of us were dabblers until that catalyst called Life intervened.  Some of you knit to bond with loved ones.  Some of you took it up to welcome new little ones in your life. Some of you knit to stave of the loneliness of loss. Some of you knit to deal with the daily grind. I started knitting a few months before my then-husband decided to give up the marriage. Perhaps the knitting enabled me to agree with that hard decision, I’ll never know. But I do know that knitting has been therapy ever since.

The most addicting project you all named was SOCKS.  I’m in this camp too.  A sock was my first project- a thigh high traditional folk stocking.  The pattern had no instructions for turning a heel and minimal toe shaping direction. After knitting the first one twice with limited success I moved on to Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks and tried again.

I don’t really want to show these to you because they make me cringe… but here goes


These are worsted weight acrylic knitted on sz. 2 dpns. The only excuse is that I must not have known anything about yarn. Once upon a time [before I was a good knitter and had seen pictures of others’ gorgeous work] I was very proud of these socks.

Notice the purl blips on top of the left sock. Notice how loose the foot is. You can’t see it, but the toes illustrate a beginner’s disaterous first attempts at grafting and the 3 needle bind-off. Ok, this is embarrassing, let’s move on.


This is more like it. I finished these yesterday. Jaywalkers in Trekking XXL on sz. 0 needles.

Socks. We all love ’em. We all need ’em. And we all need each other. Know what?

After life and socks, the next largest factor was the Knitting Community.  So keep supporting each other, keep turning out inspiring work, and thanks for playing!

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Hogwarts Swap

Other Peggy is fully responsible for enticing me.  I joined the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 3.  This is my first ever swap, hopefully it will be fun.  Oh partner, here is my questionnaire:

1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into? Ravenclaw

2. List your favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length. Or would you prefer circulars?  I have only ever used cheap-o aluminum dpns.  I dislike bamboo needles but would love some higher quality metal ones. Yarn and pattern depending I generally use 7 inch sz. 0 or sz. 1  

3. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length?  Ok, I guess I answered that already.

4. If you are a RAVENCLAW, do you prefer the colors in the film or the book? Do you have a strong preference?  I like both color schemes. If you think it’s pretty I’ll probably agree.

5. Do you have any allergies? Nope.

6. If you are swapping scarves – what is your desired length for the pattern? This will help your partner find the pattern that is just right for you and buy yarn accordingly.  Sock-swapping here.

That cover it? Cheers!

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Cobblestone – sorry no tweed.  I do love me some tweed, but Knit Picks doesn’t carry any.  Harumph.


I’ve knitted up the first skein of this for a Cobblestone for me.  I’m not too sure about it yet.  I love the pattern, but the color isn’t quite what I had in mind.  Lesson- next time buy the color card!

I’m also not sure about my gauge.  I was aiming for 4.75 sts per inch and am getting 5.25.   I was pretty tense though so maybe it’ll be closer once I relax a bit.  The almighty question- frog and change needles? or block and pray?   Lesson- swatch first!

I’ll keep you posted.

Jaywalker and Golf:


This is the Trekking XXL I bought last weekend.  Why I’m making more Jaywalkers is rather a long story.  A few hours after purchasing this stuff I finished up the Lozenge Socks and needed some cast on therapy.  I was away from home (and pattern books and internet) so the only thing I could think of was Jaywalkers because I still remembered the stitch count and pattern.

It also felt very appropriate as it was another golf weekend. Golf is perfect for knitting socks.  Most of the Tofutsies Jaywalkers were knit during the Masters.  Most of the Lozenge socks were knit during the Britich Open.  And most of this Jaywalker was knit during the PGA Championship.  And Tiger Woods even won!  Yay!

Sock number 2 has only 1/2 an inch of ribbing so far.  Time for more golf!

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