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You’ll excuse the fuzzy picture.  Slicing knitwear makes me a bit woozy.

But it all came together beautifully and we now have this:

OK, perhaps I won’t show you.  Evidentally that last picture was the end of my free upload quota for WordPress.  I finally paid for a FlickrPro account tonight, and now WordPress is having a go.  Hmph.

Anyway, I uploaded lots of lovely pictures on Flickr, documenting the steeking process.  It went very smoothly.  I’d planned the steek with lots of extra sts which became the front facings.  I didn’t even need to use bias tape.  I did 2 lines of crochet on each side, one to turn the raw edges under, and one to turn the facing under.

As I was doing the line of facing-turning-crochet I started wondering if one could use applied I-cord to do the same thing?  It would take longer, but it would look nicer, and it ought to turn the edge just as well.  But first I need to learn how to apply I-cord!   One thing at a time…

Other updates- Gabriel’s sockies are finished.  Sweet sweet little boy that he is, Gabriel wore the first sockie with his  regular sock the whole day I was working on #2.  How endearing is that?

MS3- Not much progress.  Row 58.  ooof.

Harry Potter-  does anyone else think that R. A. B. is Sirius’s brother?


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Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your wonderful comments. I feel loved.

Here’s a little story. Last August I took it into my head to make a Danish folk costume. Why? Well, I lived in Denmark for a year… I always been intrigued by folk costumes… There’s a Scandinavian Festival here… I needed a new sewing project…

Since I have no historic, cultural, or familial ties to Denmark I could pretty much choose any area’s dress and call it my own. I wanted a costume from near where I stayed as a student, but then most things are near when you remember Denmark is roughly the size of Massachusetts. Anywho, my main resource was a series of lithographs by FC Lund that depict much of the traditional folk dress in Denmark around the 1860s.

After much hemming and hawing I finally decided on this costume from the island of Laesoe- off the Northeast coast of Jutland. I wanted to make a work costume and liked the simplicity of this girl’s dress. It bothered me a little that this is the costume of an unmarried female, but since I am now divorced I figure it’ll be alright.

With the help of this in-depth article I made a shift and underskirt and set out to knit a pair of stockings. At that point in time my knowledge of knitting was rudimentary at best- I knew how to make garter stitch. I still needed instructions to cast on and I couldn’t purl. I had learned how to knit in the Continental style and I found the learning curve for purling to be very steep. I still dislike purling.

But being young and cocky I figured I could knit a pair of socks. Anything I didn’t know I could find on the internet or in books, right? Actually, yes. With my first set of dpns I discovered the joy of knitting in the round. I knit the first stocking, and when it didn’t fit I ripped it out and decided to get more help.

I came home from the library with Folk Socks and Meg Swansen’s Knitting. That led me to Elizabeth Zimmermann and… well, the rest is history. I am now a knitter.

And that folk costume? Well, it got folded away to make room for needles and yarn. But I found it again a few weeks ago. Scandinavian Festival is 11 days away and I’m madly sewing on it. So If you don’t hear from me, you know what I’m doing. Playing chicken with deadlines.

Ironically though…. I may finish the costume in time, but handknit stockings will have to wait for next year.

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