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Hope you all had a wonderful turkey day,  I’m stuffed.

I have so many things to be thankful for, it’s overwhelming to stop and think about all the amazing parts of my life that are completely beyond my influence.  All I can do is be grateful… and offer the occasional handknit or apple pie.


I’m thankful for my children.


And I’m thankful for my parents and the roof over our heads.  And I hope that my frosty-fingered mother is thankful to have a knitter in the house.


I’m finishing up the second mitt right now, and I’ll give you more info about them soon. But if you can’t wait, here is the Ravelry page, or the pattern is here, scroll down for English.


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Cobblestone – sorry no tweed.  I do love me some tweed, but Knit Picks doesn’t carry any.  Harumph.


I’ve knitted up the first skein of this for a Cobblestone for me.  I’m not too sure about it yet.  I love the pattern, but the color isn’t quite what I had in mind.  Lesson- next time buy the color card!

I’m also not sure about my gauge.  I was aiming for 4.75 sts per inch and am getting 5.25.   I was pretty tense though so maybe it’ll be closer once I relax a bit.  The almighty question- frog and change needles? or block and pray?   Lesson- swatch first!

I’ll keep you posted.

Jaywalker and Golf:


This is the Trekking XXL I bought last weekend.  Why I’m making more Jaywalkers is rather a long story.  A few hours after purchasing this stuff I finished up the Lozenge Socks and needed some cast on therapy.  I was away from home (and pattern books and internet) so the only thing I could think of was Jaywalkers because I still remembered the stitch count and pattern.

It also felt very appropriate as it was another golf weekend. Golf is perfect for knitting socks.  Most of the Tofutsies Jaywalkers were knit during the Masters.  Most of the Lozenge socks were knit during the Britich Open.  And most of this Jaywalker was knit during the PGA Championship.  And Tiger Woods even won!  Yay!

Sock number 2 has only 1/2 an inch of ribbing so far.  Time for more golf!

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The Adventure Sweater is done!!!!!  Thank Heavens because the birthday party is at 10am tomorrow!

It came out fantastic.  I’m sorry I can’t show you here, I still haven’t bought more WordPress upload space. But there are tons of pictures up on Flickr and a few on Ravelry as well.

The main thing about this sweater was integration. The pockets, zipper band and facings, hood, drawstring casing… all integrated into the design.  Along with knitting seamlessly a la Elizabeth Zimmermann, the integrations really minimized the finishing required. Yes, there was some sewing involved, but it was much less than I expected.

Project Specs:

Yarn- Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted in Cranberry and Oxford Grey  2 skeins each color

Needles- US sz. 6 / 4mm  dpns, 16″ and 24″ circulars

Gauge- I never checked but I assumed 5 sts/in

Size- 30″ chest if my gauge assumption was accurate, to fit a 5 year-old

Started- July 2nd  finished July 13th

Recipient- Andree  We met him and his family through Nikolai’s preschool.  He was adopted from the Ukraine in February and has become one of Nikolai’s favorite playmates.

So why do I call this the Adventure Sweater?  I wanted it to be a perfect utilitarian kid’s garment. Shortened sleeves so they don’t get dirty as easily.  Pockets for storing treasures.  Zipper for ease of dressing.  Hood with drawstring for windy days.  Loose fit for cozyness and growing room.    Name tag that doubles as a loop for hanging, because what little kid doesn’t like seeing their own name?

The sweater ended up being all of these things, but it was also an Adventure for me to make.  I’d never tried pockets before.  Never tried a zipper before.  Never tried a hood before.  And steeks are always an adventure!

Go check it out on Flickr! And maybe tomorrow on Zimmermania.

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You’ll excuse the fuzzy picture.  Slicing knitwear makes me a bit woozy.

But it all came together beautifully and we now have this:

OK, perhaps I won’t show you.  Evidentally that last picture was the end of my free upload quota for WordPress.  I finally paid for a FlickrPro account tonight, and now WordPress is having a go.  Hmph.

Anyway, I uploaded lots of lovely pictures on Flickr, documenting the steeking process.  It went very smoothly.  I’d planned the steek with lots of extra sts which became the front facings.  I didn’t even need to use bias tape.  I did 2 lines of crochet on each side, one to turn the raw edges under, and one to turn the facing under.

As I was doing the line of facing-turning-crochet I started wondering if one could use applied I-cord to do the same thing?  It would take longer, but it would look nicer, and it ought to turn the edge just as well.  But first I need to learn how to apply I-cord!   One thing at a time…

Other updates- Gabriel’s sockies are finished.  Sweet sweet little boy that he is, Gabriel wore the first sockie with his  regular sock the whole day I was working on #2.  How endearing is that?

MS3- Not much progress.  Row 58.  ooof.

Harry Potter-  does anyone else think that R. A. B. is Sirius’s brother?

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In case you didn’t know, I’m a single mom. Which means every few weeks the boys’ father likes to see them and take them out for a few hours. The first time they visited him he asked me “Will you be OK for 3 hours? What will you do?”

Will I be OK??? What will I do???

Yes, I’ll be just fine. I won’t be a parent. I will go do adult things. Like browse the knitting section of the bookstore for an hour. Go for a walk at my pace. Sit in the car and read with my feet out the window.  Knit.
Don’t worry. I’m not lacking ideas.

Today was another visit day. Essentially that means I bring the boys to their dad, and I go play for 3 hours. YES! I went for a walk, knitted, went for another walk, browsed the Sunday Market, ate lunch, got ice cream, browsed some more, knit some more, walked some more, picked some plums, walked some more, and knitted until my darlings got back. It was a lovely day.

I was outside carrying a backpack full of wool all day (temps in the 80s) but I wasn’t able to knit much. We Oregonians are trained to feel hot at 70 degrees, so imagine how we feel at 83 degrees. Sweaty. Yes, it was well I was trying to knit a superwash. Else it might have felted around the needles.

When we got home to our much cooler house I was able finish up Gabriel’s first sockie (only 2 attempts this time!) and continue knitting madly on the Adventure Sweater.


I took this photo earlier this evening, right before I put this on the 16″ needle to finish up the yoke. I did all the sizing with EPS but the sleeves are looking larger than I expected. Either I miscalculated or grabbed a larger set of DPNs. Hmm. Regardless, I’m not ripping at this point!

I’m planning to finish up the yoke tonight and knit the hood tomorrow. That should give me enough time to steek and install the zipper. I’m planning to cover the raw steeked edges with bias tape. I’ve planned everything so the zipper and one side of the bias tape can be sewn in by machine. Ironic, I’ll happily spend hours and hours handknitting a sweater, but I’m not willing to do the handsewing. Whatever.

On a different subject… MS3. What on earth have I gotten myself into?

ms3-1.jpg oooof.

I’m through row 46. That’s not even the first chart. I’m already 3 charts behind… But there’s a bright side. I was cruising the scads of these over on Ravelry and guess what??? It’s not an ever widening triangle! It’s a rectangle with pointed ends!! Thank Heavens, because I simply do not have the temperment (Continental Knitter- hates purling) to purl back over ever increasing rows.

Ok, I need to stop blabbing. Nikolai starts swimming lessons bright and early tomorrow!

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I got my Ravelry invitation!!! I’m so excited!  I’ve been on there most of the evening adding some projects and stash and cruising other Ravelers’ notebooks.   Wow.   What an amazing community they’ve set up.

And I’ve been knitting. Another of Nikolai’s good friends from preschool is about to turn 5 and I’m knitting him a sweater. adventure.jpg

I call this the Adventure Sweater. It will have loose 3/4 sleeves for playing in sand and water. Pockets for collecting treasures.  A drawstring hood for windy days.  And a front zipper for easy on/off.

I did most of the design work way back when Nikolai asked me for a sweater. After I started knitting he said he hated it and I put the whole thing away.  But I’ve been curious since then whether all my design ideas would acutally work.  We’ll see. When it’s done I’ll give you the whole rundown on the project.

This has to be done by July 14th so I need to knit knit knit or I’ll end up rushing the steeks and zipper installment.  Bad idea!
“Rush a miracle, maybe you get rotten miracle!”

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