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Thank you all for your sympathetic ears and letting me whine so much. Aside from a cold I’m feeling more human again.

I spoke to Mr. Fishtrap himself and he described the sleeve problem like so: “When I first put it on, everything’s fantastic. A few hours later the sleeves have crept down to my knuckles. So then I start yanking them up and that’s probably not helping is it?”

No, definately not helping. I suggested putting it in the dryer with a damp towel to un-relax the fibers, but that’s not too helpful halfway through a busy workday. I have come to grips with the fact that I chose a poor yarn for the project (yarn whisperer, where were you?) and realized that shortening the sleeves may cure the symptoms, but not the actual problem.

As I lay awake with my toothy face hurting, I channeled my inner-EZ and realized I could A) knit in a snow-cuff in firmer wool. Or B) tighten the cuffs with elastic thread.

The sleeves are going to stretch, they just need to be held in place.

I’ve decided on tightening things up with elastic thread. It will involve un-sewing the cuff hems and doing the elastic magic before sewing them back up, but that’s a lot less work than un-sewing and snipping and raveling and re-knitting!

Of course I haven’t done it yet, but at least there’s a plan!

In other news, well, there is no other news. I do intend to make up some shawl collar stuff for everyone, but right now, I’m going to continue taking my little break and work on what makes me happy.


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Yesterday my good friend Mrs. Fishtrap told me that Mr. Fishtrap wants his sleeves shortened.

They are the perfect length but the stupid lovely soft superwash Merino has no stupid memory and they are stretching out of control and now I have to unstitch the stupid hems, frog them, snip a sleeve stitch, ravel around, re-pick-up stupid stitches, re-knit the stupid hem, and re-sew it down.

Right now I’d rather knit a whole new stupid sweater with more appropriate yarn.  Sanity is waning.

And I’m teething. I  just cut 2 wisdom teeth and my face hurts.

And the Noro sock yarn is horribly tangly and does not feel nice to knit.

And I frogged the Gathered Pullover.

I’m going to take a break.  I’ll be back when the crankiness dissipates.

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TaoKnitter recently shared a video of child beauty pageants that made me stop and wonder about what people are doing to their kids.  Children are not meant to be trussed up like dolls – they are meant to be children!

And what does “being a child” mean?  My dear boys haven’t had much face time here lately and I’d like them to help me show you exactly what “being a kid” means in our family.

It means free play. Down to throwing sticks in the lake to make sure all wood floats.


It means friendship and teamwork.  Because you can’t haul a giant kelp by yourself.


It means learning new things.  Even if Mommy is nervous – she knows that risk is inevitable.


It means family. And love love love love.

I don’t know how it happened- but my boys, different as they are, are best friends.  I could not be more blessed.  And I will remind myself of this next time I’m ready to wring their darling little necks…   Kids!

Yes, this is actually a knitting blog….. real knitting content soon!

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