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This was the first fiber to come off the drum carder – I had this stuff dyed and ready for the moment the carder arrived at our house.

It’s some lovely soft alpaca fiber from Franchesca of Alpacas at Tucker Creek. 18.8 microns! Love!

It spun up into some very soft and fine 2 ply laceweight. That pic’s color is really off, it’s much pinker.

I only dyed 30 gms, which spun into 256 yds, not enough for a large lace project but perfect for a light airy scarf.  Tiennie just posted instructions for a very simple feather and fan scarf and it seemed like the perfect match for this yarn.  I took out one pattern repeat because I have so little yarn, but it should block to about 7 inches in width.

That’s a pretty accurate color.

I’m off to knit some more!


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Bad bad blogger I have been. Sorry.

We were sick, and then we were out of town, and then we were sick again, and now I have no more excuses, just a lots of pictures- be warned!

Nikolai turned 5 – Happy Birthday!

I knit Gabriel a vest: Check it out on Ravelry

I knit a shawl: Check it out on Ravelry

A friend’s son needed a dinosaur sweater: Here on Ravelry

I was gifted 3 fleeces:

A favorite sweater underwent the knife with very satisfactory results: Here on Ravelry

And I knit a little baby vest, and have been spinning spinning spinning.

There you have the very brief version of last month, I’ll try to be a better blogger now!

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So I taught another friend to knit, and it so happens that this friend is expecting a baby in June, and we go to the same church, and la la la… a baptism sweater was called for.

The February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann, found in Knitter’s Almanac.

Started: Feb 12th, 2008  Finished: Feb 18th, 2008

Denise asks how fast do I knit? Rather quickly, being a Continental knitter, but the real question is probably how much time to I spend knitting?  Answer: I’m not sure, and probably too much.  

Yarn: Knitpicks Bare, merino/nylon fingering weight.  Held double.  About 110 gms.

Needles and Gauge: US sz. 4 / 3.5 mm  Approx. 5 sts per inch.


To round out the ensemble I unvented a little bonnet using EZ garter stitch heart pattern, found in Knitting Workshop.


After picking up sts around the edge of the heart, I started knitting the gull lace pattern to match the sweater.  It worked out quite nicely.  I picked up 73 edge sts, decreased 2 at the center top, leaving 63 (7 sts x 9 repeats) plus 8 sts for garter stitch selvages.

After 6 repeats of the gull pattern I decreased K6 K2tog across and finished off with an inch of garter stitch.


An applied I-cord neck edge and ties finishes it off.

Pattern: February Heart Bonnet by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Heart and basic hat found in Knitting Workshop,  gull pattern found in Knitter’s Alamac.

Yarn/needles/gauge: same as above.  About 35 gms of yarn.

Started: Feb 18, 2008  Finished: Feb 19, 2008.

Should I round out the month with a shawl?

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The February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann, Knitter’s Almanac.

Yarn: Stashbusting Red Heart Super Saver acrylic (cringe cringe cringe… but I prefer to use easy care fibers for other folks’ kids.  You just never know what will happen!)
Needles: US sz. 7 / 4.50 mm

Gauge and Size: Umm, I don’t check. Maybe 4 sts per inch?  Yielding a 12 month size.

Obviously I abandoned the pink buttons and trim idea.  It just didn’t do it for me.  And I had these buttons already.


Timeframe: started Thursday, Feb 7th. Finished Saturday, Feb 9th.  Extremely fast.

Verdict:  Cute!  Fast!  Get me a baby right now!!

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Not the type of bunny I’m chasing however. Well, actually I bet my grandmother Bunny, being quite an extrordinary knitter, was as susceptible to casting-on as the rest of us. But I digress.

I keep missing WOYNW, so I’m not going to bother showing you the next BSJ on the pins, or little Thumbelina the Ballet Fairy, or the sock that will. not. get. done. I’m going to show you what is bringing me joy today.

First: The February Baby Sweater. It is February after all and though I’ve made a bastard FBS I’ve never actually followed the pattern:


Folks, that is only 5 hours of dedicated knitting time. I can’t believe how fast it’s going! And I can’t believe how poorly acrylic yarn photographs. Ugh.

A friend called me up this morning, and asked if the boys and I wanted to come over to play. It sounded like a low-key morning so I brought my knitting. And I knew said friend is interested in my projects so I brought some wool and needles for her as well. While the kids played we sat down and I taught her to knit.

This EZ quote from Knitter’s Almanac was brought to mind: “Sit and knit with your child; while it perfects its potholder you can knit it a fine reward – a pair of longies.”

Actually it was my friend, not my child, and she’s not getting longies, but her baby is getting a sweater. I’m thinking pink buttons and a pink crochet trim on all the edges?

The other thing that is bringing me joy lately is the Swedish Cardi. The bands came out exactly as I had pictured them. And, I have enough gold wool to finish up the colorwork on the sleeves. Yea!
Here I am trying not to get impaled on the DPNs in the sleeve. Yes, that’s a Ravelry shirt. Yes, I’m a dork. Yes, it’s really time to clean the bathroom mirror, or make the kids stop using that sink. Digressing again…


The shoulder and back. It comes down to a nice length I think, these pants are quite saggy so I don’t think the pictures really give an accurate idea of the fit.

Everything is a bit tight, but I planned for some stretch in the washing/blocking process. I didn’t put in any buttonholes as I planning on getting some nice pewter clasps for this one.

OK, I’m off to knit the FBS. It’s so cute!

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After botching the first pair of Ravenclaw socks for Nikolai I had to make him a pair that actually fits.


So there you have it. Basic cuff-down sock on 50 sts. I stopped messing about with short-row heels and went back to the tried and true heel flap for these.

The stripe on the leg is the leftovers from his Halloween socks, and the one pink toe is where I ran out of yarn. These things happen, especially when knitting 3 pairs of socks from 100 gms of wool! A big thank you to Libby for the Ravenclaw yarn, I never imagined we all 3 would get socks from one ball!

And that brings us to the other FO. I couldn’t resist giving you a teaser while it was blocking, it’s too lovely not to share. So, without further ado I give you, the Kiri Shawl:


The Kiri Shawl by Polly Outhwaite of All Tangled Up.

Started: October 26th, 2007 Finished: November 15th, 2007

Yarn is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes colorway Amber Heather. 5 skeins / 250 grams / 550 yds.

Needles: US sz. 10 / 6 mm 32″ circular needle but going back and forth.

Finished Size: 77 inches wingtip to wingtip, and about 38 inches from neck to point. Huge.

The time it took me to finish this project is completely different than the actual knitting time. I started this as a distraction from Fishtrap, and couldn’t order more yarn until Fishtrap was done. If you subtract all the time I spent dillydallying to finish Fishtrap and all the time waiting for my order to arrive, the knitting was completed over about 4 days.

Despite purling back very row I found this to be a very soothing and addicting project. When I had the yarn, this was the only thing I wanted to knit. The loose gauge, the lovely pattern, and the thick-ish wool all added up to the perfect relaxing TV-watching project.

Does this make me a lace knitter? I can’t decide. I loved how fast this knit up using worsted weight wool, but I think it could be maddenly slow with lace weight yarn and teensy needles. I just don’t know.


I wore this yesterday to Nikolai’s preschool and got lots of nice comments on it, even all bundled around my neck under a jacket. Either I have low-self esteem or I’m narcissistic, but hearing knitwear compliments from non-knitters is about one the best things out there.

What’s your favorite thing about being a knitter?

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The Right Motivation


The Kiri Shawl from All Tangled Up.

The vociferous non-purler is eating her words- because this is beautiful and totally worth purling back every row.

Where’s the motivation come in? I’m knitting this out Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Amber Heather, I had 2 extra skeins left over from Cobblestone.  And I need more to make this shawl larger than doll-sized.  But…

… I can’t order more until all the Fishtrap yarn is gone or the sweater is finished (the finish could be squeaky), because I just want to place one order. So I’m knitting madly on Fishtrap.  Less than 3 skeins to go!

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