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First of all, and although it’s a bit late, Lynn and her New Year’s Resolution rock.

Get your shit together.  

What other resolution could anyone need? It’s a fantastic motivator, at least for me.

My shit for this year is (among other things) getting rid of my stash, it’s the best justification to buy more!  I’m not trying to rush, but enjoy what I have, because there was a reason I bought it, right?   Honestly I don’t have that much wool, but certainly enough to last several months.

Here’s my first stash-busting project-


Sorry about the bad picture.  It’s an EPS top-down raglan steeked cardigan using that same Binge colorwork chart as the hat.  The blue is Silky Wool (8 balls in the stash because I loved it) the gold is KnitPicks Telemark (2 balls in the stash leftover from Nikolai’s pirate knits) being knit on US sz. 2 / 2.50 mm needles.

Only the yoke will have colorwork, because I have very little gold yarn, the rest of the body and the lower sleeves will be plain blue. After steeking I will probably finish all edges with garter stitch.

Have I mentioned how I adore this chart?

Next- A Baby Surprise Jacket Snow Suit  (!!)  A good friend has been kind enough to give me a reason to knit baby things, something I missed out on with my own children.  And although she’s a fantastically skilled knitter herself, extra woolies can’t hurt, right?

BS Snow Suit!!  Unventing at it’s finest.  I’ve lengthened the body, split for legs, and am now knitting the border all the way around, mitering all the corners.  There will be buttons all down the legs for ease of dressing.  And later snowcuffs with mitts/sockies in a soft white wool, and a soft white hood.

Unfortunately I’m out of yarn. The purpley-grey is KnitPicks Telemark from Gabriel’s Pirate sweater, the light green is Galway Highland Heather from the Tri-Cable sweater and next should be ?????  I have black or a dove heather and I hate making this kind of decision.   Kate, this is for your baby! What would you like?

Fishtrap and his ridiculous sleeves are still glaring at me.  Later.


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Hello again, Blogland!

I’ve been both lazy and busy with real life with some knitting thrown in.

Like what? Something for my Gryffindor swap partner…

This is the first non-garter back and forth thing I’ve ever made. Partner, I hope you realize the sacrifice involved!

Then some washclothes a’ la Elizabeth Zimmermann to use up some scraps:

The one on the left is EZ’s  (February) double knitting pot handler from Knitter’s Almanac. The one on the right is 2 garter triangles I grafted together. I called these my technique towels- now I know the theory of double knitting and garter grafting.

Then there was planning and ordering yarn for my next [huge] project. Remember the twin Fishtraps I made this spring?  Their father now wants a matching sweater. This will be an adventure!

I’m going to do it as a seamless Saddle Shoulder to eliminate the steek and seaming.  With a base number of 268 I’m looking to minimize labor any way I can…  More EZ love, think I’ll ever get tired of it?   uh, no.

Then there were the last minute socks for my mother:

Just a generic cuff-down sock on 64 stitches with an adapted chart from HelloYarn‘s We Call Them Pirates. The yarn is Sunbeam St. Ives 4 ply sock and a bit of leftover Tofutsies for the skullys. US sz. 0 / 2mm needles. Gauge was 8 sts/in.
I offered to make Mom some socks for her first day of school (college at 51- go Mom!) and got a request for pirates. It seems I’ll never be finished knitting pirates!  I finished them up at 1 o’clock this morning. It should not have been hard to finish up a pair of ankle socks in 4 days but…

…I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest….  that will be it’s own post tomorrow.

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Cobblestone is done!!  WooHoo!!  can you tell I’m excited?  Check the neat garter stitch underarms-


The back:


Pattern: Cobblestone by Jared Flood aka BrooklynTweed, found in Interweave Knits Fall 2007. Size small.

Started: August 20, 2007  Finished: aside from blocking August 27, 2007

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, 10 skeins Amber Heather

Needles: US sz. 6 / 4 mm  Gauge: 5 sts per inch over stockinette yielding a 35″ finished chest measurement.

Modifications: I shortened everything to fit.  It took a bit of figureing on the yoke to calculate out the proportions between decreases and make them fit me. The original had a 10″ yoke and I only wanted an 8″ yoke.  Looking back I don’t think it was necessary to be that painstaking with the ratios, because the garter stitch handles the shaping so well.

I am a lazy knitter so all the garter stitch was done back and forth. Instead of sewing a seam up the yoke I decided a placket and some nice buttons would add a [somewhat] feminine touch.  Unfortunately, halfway through the yoke I decided against a stocking stitch buttonband and decided to go for garter stitch with applied I-cord border and buttonholes.  I had to drop 4 stitches and hook them all back up in garter stitch. It was a nightmare and it looks terrible. Every stitch needs to be hand adjusted. I will never do that again.

Oh well. In the end I didn’t do applied I-cord buttonholes either.  Instead, I [in my infinte wisdom] sat and tried every conceiveable method of adding a buttonband.  My goal was to knit on a band that looked like the rolled neck.  Not difficult you say… and yet it took me 7 tries.

Oh well. I got it eventually.  And that my friends, is how we know I’m a Knitter.

Yep, still grinning like an idiot!
Verdict:  If you haven’t figured it out by now…  I love it.  This is the first sweater I’ve ever completed for myself. It’s comfy, it’s cozy, the fit is divine… and best of all… it’s done!

Now off to the washtub with it-  Knittiversary giveaway post as soon as it’s dry!

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The Scholar Collar from BrooklynTweed.

Yes, Tiennie, I think we all have a slight crush on Jared.


Specs: started August 10th, finished August 14th.

Pattern: The Scholar Collar by Jared Flood. This is not a published pattern but Jared was good enough to give me the rough dimensions when I asked him. I put my buttons in the wrong place, but I’ll fix that later.

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool held double on US sz. 10 / 6mm needles.


Verdict: I will probably never take this off. Draft blocking cozyness makes me happy!

Edited to add: this is the same yarn as the lining of the Very Warm Ganomy… it’s going to be a cozy and coordinated winter!

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Family reunion…houseguests…laughter…wine…good food…sunny summer days…. …not much motivation to knit, or blog, or do anything.

I apologize for not responding to all the recent wonderful comments!! Thank you all, you warm my heart give me more warm fuzzies than our favorite snuggly wool.  I will try to get back on the bandwagon, I’ve just had no motivation recently. I’ll work on that.

So, Lozenge Stocking number two is progressing very slowly.


All I want is brainless-eyes-closed knitting


Enter Brooklyntweed‘s Scholar Collar.  Since my children became tall enough to reach the dangling end of a scarf, I have been alternately choked and cold-necked on winter days.  Last winter I knit up a neckwarmer hoping to solve the problem, but alas, it was too loose (operator error) and very draughty.  Wait, I’m American, that should be drafty.  Ahem.  I’m hoping the buttoned collar will keep out all the cold winds and be high enough to preclude small tugging hands.

Jared has not published this pattern, so I’m not sure yet how to give him appropriate kudos for this great design.  He provided me a rough skematic when I asked about the pattern, so that’s what I’m knitting from.  The yarn is Silky Wool held double on sz 10 / 6mm needles.

Please, excuse me while I change the subject.  Still with me?  OK

In the happy making department- a very special package arrived today.  My first ever order from KnitPicks.  Yes, I’m still a baby knitter.  Inside was wool to make a Pirate Sweater for Nikolai, wool to dye for socks, and brand new knitting books Happy!!!!!

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Has anyone else noticed that everything I knit originates with Elizabeth Zimmermann?

I hadn’t noticed until discovering that I had 2 February Baby Sweaters, a February Shawl, a Tomten, and a BSJ all on the needles at the same time. And a Ganomy, and another Adventure Sweater, and another Ribwarmer, and Moccasin Socks all simmering on the brain.

Slowly, step away from the Zimmermann….

I can’t help it! There are so many possibilities in every single design. One of these FBSs for example. I wanted to make a more masculine non-fussy version for my nephew. I didn’t want to make a cardigan, but I didn’t want to rewrite the pattern to fit over a large baby head. Guess what? Those features are already there.

Unvention– Knit the yoke in garter, then lap the button band stitches and knit it in the round. Instant placket pullover!!! No number tweaking required! The pattern works exactly the same.


And if it can fit over Nikolai’s head, it can fit over anyone’s head.

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I bought more upload space tonight, so we’ll celebrate with lots of pictures and a FO.

Here is my mother attempting work some knitted origami magic. Purple ends are cuffs. “Cuffs??” yep.


Like… so….


Ta Da!


My first Baby Surprise Jacket. How the great Elizabeth Zimmermann ever thought this up is beyond me, but I’m glad she did, and I’m glad she shared it with the rest of us. What an ingenius little chunk of garter stitch.

A few project specs:

Pattern- Baby’s Garter Stitch Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, from Knitting Workshop.
Yarn- One strand aran weight held with one strand fingering weight.

Needles and Gauge- US 10 / 6 mm 15 sts over 4 inches

Size- 2T or so around the chest, but it needs some sleeve lengthening.

This BSJ is rather special to me, because this wool has a story. Over twenty years ago this humble wool was sitting in the scrap basket of my Memere, Bunny. She took up all these scraps and knitted them into hats and hats and hats to keep her grandchildren warm. I can remember wearing then frequently as a child.

When the hats were outgrown they were lovingly stored in a cedar chest until the next generation needed warm woolens. My children wore a few of these hats, but when I learned to knit and they were quickly shunted back into the cedar chest, perhaps for the next generation.

Several months ago my mother and I went through everything in said cedar chest and came to the sad realization that these hats would probably never be needed/wanted/used again. But how can you get rid of a handknit?? It’s impossible, you shouldn’t bother trying.

I took the hat collection and for many weeks they sat in my wool cabinet until I had the courage to ravel them. Then the wool sat there in balls for many weeks because I couldn’t think of a project special enough, and I couldn’t think of anyone in the clan to knit for.

I cast on in April and ignored it until this past Saturday. And now it’s done.

Recipient? Little Adalina. My first cousin’s daughter- one of Bunny’s great grandchildren.

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