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You know how when you have to do something, you just want to get it over with so you can stop thinking about it?  But you just don’t want to actually work on it?     Ok, maybe that’s just me.   This is what happened while I was not working on Fishtrap.

Both boys need socks. Their handdye socks are too small and 2 pirate socks got felted and one is missing. Don’t ask how these things happen.  So they asked for new socks, we dyed yarn I let them choose the colors. That’s Nikolai’s on the left, Gabriel’s on the right.

But I haven’t knit them because I was waiting for my new swift and ballwinder to arrive in the mail. It finally came yesterday. You can probably guess that I wound every hank in the stash. I thinking of caking the center pulls next. I now have so much more useful yarn.

And my niece brought me a skein of mystery fashion yarn (Lion Homespun?) and asked for a hat.  I dislike this stuff but she asked nicely and I have trouble refusing.  So here’s most of the “Dairy Queen” Hat from EZ’s The Opinionated Knitter.


I knit a sock.  BTW, I still haven’t finished that darn ball of Tofutsies, and this is the 7th sock!


But the best distraction of all?


That dear sweet angel Gabriel just turned 3.  Happy Birthday little man.


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